How does children psychotherapy work?

The process of psychotherapy treatment is, first of all, a process of communicating. We need to speak the clear language and express our thoughts in understandable terms to be understood. In this regard the context of games, stories, metaphors, their interpretation and transfer into real life is understandable for a child. Therefore, a children's therapist uses theses methods of diagnosis and treatment of disorders of children's psych, which are understood by the client client.

Psychological testing is carried out in the form of a game, which inspires and motivates the child. A psychotherapist uses riddles, tales, stories, pictures, game with figures (all possible art methods), which are able to gently reveal the inner world of a child and let him/her be himself/herself.

Basing on the children's interests, hobbies, a therapist can comprehend a picture of the inner world of the child, thus fulfilling the two tasks simultaneously: establishing a relationship of trust with a small client and finding out possible ways to overcome difficulties in his/her life.

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