Education in Canada: Choosing school and college for a child

In Canada, there are a lot of different types of schools, colleges and highest educational institutions.

Primary and secondary school

These schools teach children up to the 12 grade, inclusive. Provincial governments in Canada, oversees all primary and secondary schools. All children are able to enroll in Canadian schools, even those who are living alone in Canada (except for primary school students), but they must have a guardian in Canada, which is authorized, if necessary, by the parents. Education can be started in September and in January, according to the time of entry. In schools for the child, you can choose the general education program, where he or she will study with Canadian children, or a program of learning English. You can find more detailed information about schools in the Ministry of Education of the province in which you want your child to study.

Universities and colleges in Toronto and other cities

Higher and secondary education institutions include colleges, technical schools, universities and etc. Each higher institution and each college in Toronto has its own set of rules for admission and decides what level of English or French you must have for entrance to the college. If you are planning to go to college or university from other country, on the International test IELTS, for example, you have to collect as a minimum 6.5 points.

Private schools and educational institutions of secondary special formation

Comparing with the college, provincial governments do not always supervise every private school. You need to make sure that the private school to which you send your child, meet the educational needs of the province.

Language College in Toronto

In Canada, there are a lot of colleges and schools where well-educated teachers teach children and adults of English or French as a second language. Provincial governments oversee language programs in such public schools.

Jody Watts, the journalist and American student who is studying in Canada college in Toronto, is giving tips to the parents who are looking for the best university for their children.

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