How to take care and control the health of adolescents

It is a direct duty of every parent to monitor health state of a child. But very often children begin to neglect their health in awkward age. What behavior changes should put parents on their guard?

1. A child complains of aching bones. Such pain may indicate abnormal development of bone tissue. Be sure to take a blood test - check the level of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in the body. Some kids need to abandon sports activities for some period. What to do? Increase the amount of calcium in your child's nutrition - milk, yogurt, cheese. But lack of phosphorus and other vitamins should be replenished by means of special vitamin complexes.

2. The child squeezes pimples. This measure only leads to new skin rash and purulent inflammation appearance. What to do? Explain your child that it makes no sense. Buy your kid special skin treatment cosmetics and visit a beautician who will explain reasons for skin problems and advise necessary procedures and drugs. Read about the steps every parent has to take to prevent acne occurrence in adolescents.

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