How to detect nail fungus in your child

Fungal infection of the child's and adult's feet is called an athlete's foot. Very often toenails fungus is detected when it is too late, when the clinics of a disease is the most visible. The disease develops in a child, starting with the interdigital spaces, or the arches of the feet and looks like a little skin flaking. Further, the diaper rash appears and the disease affects delicate nail plates of a child. They change their shape, become thicker and the color turns yellow. Read more how to control kid's health state.

There is also a disease that affects only the nails, it is called onychomycosis. The disease easily moves from one nail plate to another and eventually destroys the nails. It is not difficult to understand that fungus is developing on your child's nails, it all starts with the color change. First, the plate becomes white, then gray, yellow, green or even black, it becomes thicker and then simply gets destroyed.

Nail fungus might appear in a child at any age, even in the early and it is not so harmless disease. It may result in allergy, which has a strong negative impact on developing immunity. When the infection has affected the body, you can notice blisters or erosions, ulcers on kid's skin. The skin starts to itch, becomes red and then crack. A child complains of a burning sensation in the legs, or pain in the nails while walking.


If a kid says about such complaints, you should immediately consult a specialist. Everything is much more complicated with children, who can not express their thoughts due to their too young age. Vigilance of the parents help in identification the fungus on the nails of hands and feet of a child, and its symptoms should be told to a doctor. Nail fungus in a young child may indicate a more serious disease of the body, such as vitamin deficiencies, diseases of legs, especially vascular, diabetes, metabolic disorders, immunodeficiency, or flat feet. So, if you have detected some changes on the foot or nails of you kid, you should immediately visit a doctor in order to start a timely treatment.

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