Does your kid need a psychotherapist?

Pediatric psychotherapy is a psychological intervention of a specialist (clinical psychologist, a psychotherapist, a psychiatrist), aimed at resolving or preventing psychological problems in children. Various psychological methods and techniques aimed at improving mental health of a child are used in pediatric psychotherapy.

Children psychotherapy services differ from those provided to adults, because it is necessary to take into account age characteristics, stages of certain mental functions formation, to focus on the development standards, as well as conditions of this development, upbringing and education of a particular child. Child psychotherapist promotes changes that lead to a normal behavior and emotional reactions of the child in society focusing on the bio-psycho-social model of child's development and taking into account the systemic nature of this development. Read more how to control health state of a teenager.

When do you need children psychotherapy?
If a child behaves and expresses his/her thoughts and emotional reactions in a manner too different from the peers, then it is necessary to consult a specialist who can determine the cause and propose a plan of corrective measures aimed at improving his/her mental state.

Consultation with a child therapist is required if:
- child's behavior seems strange, inappropriate, aggressive, passive or indifferent
- a child is restless, overly active (hyperactivity), inattentive and distracted
- it is difficult for a child to be in the team, contact with others kids or adults
- a child has expressed differences in abilities and skills compared with the peers
- your child has enuresis, encopresis, tics, childhood fears, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder (ADHD) or minimal brain dysfunction MMD, anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa, neuroses and neurosis-like states, psychopathic episodes, spontaneous hysterical fits. In other words, if you have any suspicion of deviation from the norms of development (which can be traced on the peers).

Child psychotherapist will determine a possible causes of deviant behavior of the child and help stabilize and restore his/her emotional and behavioral reactions. Turning to the child's therapist is often caused by the inability or impotence of the parents or adults to cope with the fact that the child violates the rules and norms of behavior. In the end, behavioral disorders, such as impulsivity, inattention, detachment, passivity are reflected in studies, relationships with others. Therefore the task of every parent is to help a kid by all possible means.

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