How to engage kids in sports activities

It is important for us to realize the importance of a healthy physical lifestyle. It is also important for us to start our physical maintenance programs at a young age. This is beneficial in the long run for a healthy life.

Another advantage of engaging kids in sports activities is that they learn the spirit of friendship, sportsmanship, teamwork, etc. However, it is not easy or wise to compel any child into any sort of activity. An interest must be cultivated, nurtured and encouraged. It is also vital to recognize a child's capabilities and skills. There should be no question of the child succumbing to peer pressure or unrealistic parental aspirations.

How to cultivate this interest?

The best way to instill such an interest would be to start young. Parents need to realize the interests and limitations and provide suitable stimulation. It may be necessary to try out a couple of activities before this happens. Stimulation could be in the form of play dates with friends or perhaps the proper toys/ equipment. Schools must enforce a regular sports session, if possible on a daily basis. Each child must be assessed individually and trained accordingly.

A major step would be to bring awareness to kids as this will help them continue such practices for a longer time.

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