First aid to a sick child

You came home and found your child sick? He or she feels bad and you don't know what to do fist?

This article will help parents to take care of their sick kids.

- First of all don't panic. You need to look self-confident, so your child won't be worried too.
- Then you need to check all the symptoms, such as high temperature, cough, sore throat, discoloration of the skin, respiratory failure, sweating, weakness, poor feeding regime, any other unusual symptoms.
- It is very important to make comfortable environment for the patient kid, ventilate the room and do not bring down the temperature unless absolutely necessary.

Before getting medicine you need to check with the doctor. You may call an online clinic telehealth clinic Canada to consult a doctor by phone. Also you can easily and quickly video a doctor any time, if you think that your child looks too bad (has any types of discoloration of the skin), then you can just send pictures and don't leave house for an appointment.
- Observing the daily routine, balanced diet will help to avoid hardening and frequent colds.
- Drinking plenty of fluids (herbal tea, juice, fruit compote) will help to avoid dehydration, especially with vomiting, diarrhea or heat.
- Easy food, warm drinks and relaxation, as well as the "old wives remedy" treatment - this is usually enough to help your child recover more quickly and avoid complications.
- Diaphoretic and anti-inflammatory effects have raspberry, currant, cranberry, chamomile, lime, mint, lemon balm and nettles. Prepare herbal infusions of mint, lemon balm and nettle. Fruit or herb cover with water, boil, and leave for a few minutes, then strain and cool. Broth (it must be not hot) let little child to drink during the day before and after a meal.

This article is made by Robert Reeves, independent healthy blogger for telehealth clinic Canada. Check author's tips to find out what steps you should take if your child caught a cold.

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