What to do if you have detected foot nail fungus in your kid

Remember an important rule - only a doctor can help. It is not worth trying to treat a disease on your own, but consult a doctor in the case of foot fungal infection detection. If nail fungus has been identified at an early stage, it will be much easier to treat it. There are many varieties of the pathogen and each requires its own treatment, dermatologist will carry out a special analysis and determine the type of the pathogen. When results of the test are obtained, a doctor is able to prescribe a more effective treatment. It consists in the application of baths, ointments and topical preparations, as well as medicines for internal use to fight the nail fungus.

The treatment lasts from two to four month regardless of the complexity of the disease. It is important to disinfect all the objects a kid has a contact with: toys, personal items, clothing, linen, tableware, as well as floors, walls, and especially the bathroom. Read how to detect fungus infection in your kid.

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