Peculiarities of preschool children education

Parenting is a process that is focused on a specific age group. Objectives, means and methods of education must correspond to the capabilities and features of the child's development at this age. Only in this case the education can be really effective.

Preschool - a crucial stage in the life and education of children, which laid the basis for further comprehensive development of the child. This is the period of intense body growth, as well as brain development and development of all major functions of the organism. Education of preschool aged children is primarily determined by their physical and mental abilities. At this stage of development the child's thinking is closely linked with the practice and is based on illustrative examples. Accordingly, the methods of child education should be based on the studying of objects and their individual features.

The gaim is considered to be the main tool of education and development at this age. With the help of funny and interesting games the child learns something new about the surrounding objects and phenomena every day, learning to establish communication with other kids.

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