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Since the organization of numerous conferences, public events and celebrations are the main activities of our community, we have decided to pay some attention to the development of public speaking skills of the members of our organization. Each month, the members of prepare and present a variety of presentations devoted to the issues of child development. However, there are still some members that feel themselves uncomfortable communicating with a big audience. In order to help our friends overcome these fear, we have decided to apply for the services of one of the leading experts providing communication courses in Toronto.

It was amazing experience! Even those, who were absolutely sure in their communication skills learned a lot of new useful techniques on these courses. These specialized training allowed us to look at our work and our public presentations from the side, change the attitude to many things, and develop new good skills that would definitely help us improve our work.

The program of our courses consisted of the following tasks:
- Definition of individual style of the speaker
- Consideration of psychological aspect of public communication. Definition of fears
- Dialogue with the public in the presence of a journalist or a TV program
- Learning of tactics to communicate with people and answer their tricky questions
- Learning how to make a good impression
- Consideration of the most effective communication tools
- Determination of pitfalls that should be avoided (common mistakes in public speaking)
- In addition the course included a great number of practical exercises aimed at training the skills of public speeking (video session, workouts, individual tasks, exercises that help to develop interaction with the audience and adjust personal behavior in speech; tasks for development of imagination and creative abilities of the individual and etc.). It was a great experience for all of us! We look forward to our next conference, to be held in August, in order to try out all new skills gained on these courses in practice.

Effective communication is undoubtedly necessary for the successful implementation of the organization's objectives. Now we know that there is no limit to perfection, and we intend to continue to improve our skills, visiting new interesting trainings in the future.

The experts of community about SpeechScience Inc. offering communication courses in Toronto.

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