Team sport for children

Team kinds of sports for children are football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, and others.

The age to start: 5-6 years.
- The development of endurance, speed, good reaction;
- The reinforcing of the musculoskeletal system, improving of lung and heart;
- Allow to pour out emotions and aggression;
- The learning of teamwork and the peaceful resolution of conflicts in the team;
- Inexpensive equipment (except hockey).
- Relatively high levels of injuries.

Suitable for: movable, talkative, sociable children choleric without clearly defined commitment to individual excellence, which love team games.

The contraindications: the instability of the cervical vertebrae; flat feet; peptic ulcer disease; asthma.

A worthy example. Famous football players entered to the football section in 7 years. Hockey players were in the youth team in hockey since 6 years of age. In the future, these athletes went to professional sports and have achieved considerable success in it.

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