Top three methods of early child development


Almost all parents want to start their child development literally from the cradle. And they are right, because scientists believe that a period from 1.5 to 3 years is a peak of mental and creative abilities of a kid. Classes with a kid are most effective at this age. There are different methods of early child's development. Let's consider the most well-known and popular ones.

1. The main principle of Maria Montessori is a confidence that a child knows better in which direction to move. A task of this technique is to create favorable conditions for the development of a child.

2. Glenn Doman method is developed by the author for children with lesions of the central nervous system. The main principle laid down in the framework is a stimulation of brain cells by external stimuli.

3. Cecile Lupan technique connects training and development of a child with the emergence of interest to the outside world. The knowledge is given when a kid wants to know it. The method was tested by the author on her own children.

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